There are many questions commonly asked, many relating to the vintage collection and collectible prams, although specifics about modern prams and strollers is also generating ongoing interest and may also need to be covered.

There will possibly need to be two FAQ pages constructed to account for two very different eras of prams: collectable/ historic  /vintage and antique prams are very different to the modern  prams / strollers. And they should be accounted for!

How many prams have been saved? 

Can we see them? 

Where is your 'museum'?

How many do you have now?

Do you have cane prams?

Do you have vintage overseas models?

How many manufacturers were there in Australia?

Where do you store them all?

Can we buy a vintage pram from you?

Lots of questions to sort out and arrange! Please stay tuned  for a rearranged and a more in-depth list, when time permits!


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