* Jan 23rd 2018 - Website updates and changes 

The site has been around for about 15 years, more recently Smugmug (the site's hosting service) has made gradual changes to improve the functionality of the site on mobile devices and other tech. Most of this site still functions as normal but there are a few areas and little bugs that need to be sorted and improved. This is now taking place in the coming months. 

The changes to the menu structure and a better layout for the vintage pram section is currently underway. Changes to the menu structure and albums relating to the modern pram recycling will follow after the vintage pram section re-shuffle is complete!

* Jan 23rd 2018 - Unlocking of old albums 

The storage problems and collection losses from 2008 to the current day, will be publicly view-able soon. 

*Huge new project:  One-Owner Prams! 

This has been 10+ year  plan in the making! As the custodian of 27 one-owner prams that have been either bought, acquired and sometimes also generously donated  (with some prams even being sent right across Australia for history/keepsake purposes) there is a real need to showcase these prams.

it's time to add the new section dedicated to each and every one-owner pram that is now here. Lots of passion, love , memories and stories have come with each of these prams.

As many original owners as possible will be re-contacted as each pram is photographed and documented and any further history and stories/musings will be added in the descriptions of each pram. As mentioned elsewhere in this site, there is a lot of passion with people keeping their sentimental prams, so it's only fitting to dedicate an entire new section with lots of photos and individual stories relating to these much loved prams or strollers, that have come from very loving homes indeed. stay tuned!

* The first ever Aussie vintage pram display - 25th &  26th Nov 2017       

* Dec 4th 2017 - Pram display extended until 10th Dec!

*Dec 1st 2017 - Full photo update from the pram display weekend.      

New! Photos from the event here.

Further descriptions photo descriptions to follow shortly.

*Nov 22nd - The installation continues - New photos below!

The installation in the main gallery is nearly complete. The outdoor display is still unconfirmed but we are hoping the weather is good on the day. The set up is taking longer than anticipated so the final number of prams brought in is a total guess at the moment!

A realistic figure of about 25-35 prams is the goal. There are about 22 in the gallery, plus a few surprises!!

Lots of memorabilia to place on the walls!

If you are attending Saturday there is a good chance I'll still be taking care of small details whilst dodging around everyone!


* Nov 18th 2017

It's finally here!  After more than two and a half decades and nearly a thousand prams, there is going to be a real-life vintage pram and stroller display hosted in the 'Draught Horse & Yesteryear Festival' at the  Mont De Lancey Historical homestead in Wandin North, nestled in the picturesque Yarra Valley about an hour east of Melbourne.

The festival is located at

Mont De Lancey .

71 Wellington Road

Wandin North, Victoria


Sat & Sun 25th/26th November 2017

Please see the  Mont De Lancey facebook page for further information and a full list of events and activities.

Photos will be added over the next two weeks during the sorting and installation process! scroll down to see the latest images!

This will be the first ever real-life timeline style antique/vintage pram display held in Australia, with an emphasis on our once locally manufactured Aussie brands of prams,  strollers and other related nursery furniture.

The display will feature both Australian and overseas prams from the 50's through to the 90's.

Original Aussie made brands include:  Steelcraft, London (London Baby Carriages - Melbourne), Barnes, Cyclops, and Micklem.

Overseas prams from: Silver Cross,  Marmet, Swallow, Emmaljunga, Gesslien, Jane, Maclaren, Peg Perego and  more!

The display will feature a selection of about 40 prams and strollers and may be expanded to include a larger outdoor display if weather permits.

A selection of vintage child car seats and other related items will also be on display if space permits.

A local doll collector has installed a fantastic antique and rare doll display for viewing also.

Here's hoping  you can make it for a fun filled weekend as the whole festival has plenty to offer with heaps to see and do!  Various  displays of a range of forgotten trades and fantastic historical machinery from another era.  A  great family day out for all!.

See you there!



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