Pram / baby carriage / stroller recycling with genuine 'safe' reuse options - Bringing change to the long standing, accepted model of a landfill only approach with secondhand prams, strollers and other related nursery furniture.

Jan 2017-

This area is dedicated to several very  important causes. The "prams for families not landfill"  cause is a very heartfelt,  humanitarian and real one. The  environmental impact alone of millions of extra (and often perfectly "safe") prams and strollers going express to landfill totally unchecked (particularly after after key  2008 safety changes)  has gone from what was an already disgusting problem, to an 'off the scale' one. The lack of a common sense, safety based recycling program in any real  kind of mainstream way is a complete waste of useful and valuable resources... and VERY bad for the environment at all levels as well.

Many believe the industry status quo, the anti-recycling, and pro-landfill approach  to anything "pre-loved " or "used"  (particularly high dollar items like prams and strollers) should have run its course years ago.

This page and associated galleries is a work in progress with a 25+ year history and currently consists of a mixture of archive storage albums and unfinished material. Items will be sorted, new items and subject matter added, with albums and galleries unlocked as the project continues. Stay tuned!

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