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300_3272 Emmaljunga Coronette 'seasons' limited edition pram 2000 model

Emmaljunga (Sweden) amongst other manufacturers, produced a range of limited edition models which were a little different than the normal production units. Changes were normally cosmetic, often being limited run fabrics or color keyed chassis/wheels or both! This pram is one from the 2000 year 'seasons' range. The outer fabric print, hood lining and matching accessories (like the limited edition matching footmuff and shopping bag) separated this version of the Coronettes from the mainstream colour options. As a collector, it's a beautiful pram to add to the Emmaljunga time-line collection. As a potential re-home donation, this pram ticks nearly all of the safety boxes but needs the cosmetic upgrades and the $5 'compliant' tether strap to stop it from being treated as 'landfill'. Definitely saved, I was shocked to see such a rare release Emmaljunga parked in the rubbish like this. But, this is my passion after all, and I'm a collector. I suppose for most people out there, 'it's just a pram'...

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